Green's Labrador Retriever began not as a new idea but as an improvement on what has already been established. We know through personal experience the deep connection between dogs and the love they provide. However, we strongly disagree with the method and conditions of many commercial and large-scale puppy stores. That is why we are making it our responsibility to connect you with a healthy and happy furry friend. 

Here at our store we cater to you and make sure your experience with us is a happy one. Combined, our partners have decades of experience working with animals and have fought towards better treatment and practices surrounding them. This showed us that something needed to be done by supporting proper breeders and fighting against puppy mills. Everyone can benefit from a four legged friend but no longer should that have to support immoral and unknown practices. 

Our No Puppy Mill Promise guarantees every one of our breeders is overlooked with a fine-tooth comb to ensure the safety of these precious little animals. 

Green's Labrador Retriever was created solely to unite loving companion puppies with owners who need them as much as they need us. If you have any questions please feel free to call us directly at the number below. We would love to speak with you and guide you in the fun and exciting process of finding your newest family member!